H.265 Video Encoder Chipset
(H.265 Video/Audio Encoder Chipset)

The H.265 Encoder Chipset includes an FPGA configured and a FLASH preconfigured with SOC's H.265 Video Encoder. It is an ASIC that receives raw video/audio and outputs an H.265 stream with optional AAC/MP2/MP3 audio.


Features and Specifications

See related IP Core: H.265 Encoder IP Core

Product Table

EC-VA-H265-8b-30-1080-CVideo+Audio8 bits per pixelup to 30fps
EC-V-H265-8b-30-1080-CVideo Only8 bits per pixelup to 30fps
EC-VA-H265-10b-30-1080-CVideo+AudioUp to 10 bits per pixelup to 30fps
EC-V-H265-10b-30-1080-CVideo OnlyUp to 10 bits per pixelup to 30fps
EC-VA-H265-8b-60-1080-CVideo+Audio8 bits per pixelup to 60fps
EC-V-H265-8b-60-1080-CVideo Only8 bits per pixelup to 60fps
EC-VA-H265-10b-60-1080-CVideo+AudioUp to 10 bits per pixelup to 60fps
EC-V-H265-10b-60-1080-CVideo OnlyUp to 10 bits per pixelup to 60fps


  1. Specially selected FPGA chip
  2. Preconfigured FLASH memory chip
  3. PCB drop-in reference design
  4. Documentation

Peripheral IP Cores

SOC offers compatible high-performance peripheral IP cores for common functions.

Product Evaluation Kits

The H.265 Video Encoder Chipset can be evaluated on SOC'sDevelopment Boards.The boards can also be used for product development, having the ports and extensions necessary for most video-based applications. SOC provides and licenses reference designs and board files if needed.

Begin the evaluation process by any of these methods:

Customer Support

  • Telephone/email support.
  • IP Core updates/maintenance subscription.