Video-over-WiFi Kits

  The Video-over-WiFi Development Kit allow developers to build video-based products that interface with other devices over a wireless (WiFi) connection. It is ideal for non-stationary video codec systems, or systems that otherwise require data to be transmitted wirelessly.

Video-over-WiFi Receiver Kit

The Video-over-WiFi Receiver Kit is designed for receiving streams from a wireless (WiFi) link for decoding and displaying or storage.

VTR-4000C Carrier Board

SOC Decoder Module

Any Standard Display

Video-over-WiFi Transmitter Kit

The Video-over-WiFi Transmitter Kit is designed for capturing video from a camera or other raw video source for encoding and transmission over a wireless (WiFi) link.

VTR-4000C Carrier Board

SOC Encoder Module

SD, HD, or 4K Camera

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