VTR-2000 Evaluation Kit

The VTR-2000 evaluation kit offers connectors for SOC CODEC Modules, an Ethernet ports, HDMI input and output ports, along with two 3G-SDI ports for video input and output. The SDI ports may be used for multi-channel video I/Os, or grouped for higher-resolution video I/Os. Each 3G-SDI port supports up to 2.97 Gbit/s, allowing 1080p @ 60fps video.

The VTR-2000 is a versatile product development platform as well. SOC offers the firmware source code and the PCB schematics to product developers, which significantly reduce the product development time. SOC also offers customizations for customers that will order the customized boards as OEM products.



The 2000 series VTR has two 3G-SDI in/out ports, allowing for 2 channels up to 1080p60 each.

Product CodeHDMI3G-SDIEthernetWiFi
VT-20001 input, 1 output2 output1optional
VR-20001 input, 1 output2 input1optional
VTR-20001 input, 1 output2 bi-dir.1optional


  • 2× HDMI
  • 2×, 4×, or 8× 3G/HD-SDI
  • Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps)
  • 10-36V adaptive power input
  • Mini USB
  • Keypad connector
  • 8-bit LCD connector
  • WiFi connector
  • PMod header
  • 2 × 204-pin DDR3 slots for SOC CODEC modules
  • XILINX Spartan-6 LX45T/LX75T/LX150T
  • 2Gbits DDR3 RAM
User Interface
  • LCD Character Display
  • Keypad
  • 4 push-buttons
  • LEDs

Documents & Files

Customer Support

  • Telephone/email support.
  • IP Core updates/maintenance subscription.