(MPEG video/audio CODEC engine on small pre-built PCBA SOM card)

SOC CODEC Modules provide an easy way to integrate SOC all-hardware CODEC IP into embedded systems. The small system-on-module (SOM) cards have an FPGA (or FPGA-SoC) and SPI Flash pre-configured with the SOC Encoder, Decoder, or Transcoder firmware. The main benefit of modules is they also have DDR memory, and audio codec capabilities built-in.

A small package with a parallel all-hardware MPEG processing engine and DDR memory. It has everything you need to compress or decode digital video and audio.


(Xilinx Artix-7)


(Xilinx Zynq-035)


(Intel Arria-10)

Using modules

Modules interface to 204-pin SODIMM sockets (i.e. part 2013310-1). Integration sheets provide pinout tables and inteface guidelines.

Models and capabilities

Spartan6 LX150Artix7 200TZYNQ 035ZYNQ 045Arria-10
Encoder max.H.264 1080p/30H.264 1080p/60
H.264 4K/30
H.265 1080p/60
H.264 4K/60
H.265 4K/60
H.264 4K/120
H.265 4K/60
Decoder max.H.264 1080p/30H.264 1080p/60
H.264 4K/30
H.265 1080p/60
H.264 4K/60
H.265 4K/60
H.264 4K/60
H.265 4K/60

Multi-Channel Capabilties

Encoder modules are able to handle multiple channels as long as the total pixel-rate does not exceed the rate limit.

Expandible and Customizable

Modules expose a JTAG interfaces that allow FPGA/Flash re-configuration, allowing modules to be upgraded, swapped, or customized with firmware. On-board EEPROM security handshakes keep on-board IP cores protected from unlicensed use.

Get Started

To get started, you may purchase one of our evaluation kits, or development kits. Customers may also license schematics to develop their own PCBs if desired.

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