Turnkey Design Services

SOC provides high quality, low cost, and fast turnaround turnkey design services to customers by utilizing their expertise in both FPGA firmware development and PCB design. SOC has accumulated a vast FPGA IP core library which allows SOC to quickly produce a low cost turnkey design. The FPGA IP core library includes:

  1. Video compression and decompression IP cores
  2. Audio compression and decompression IP cores
  3. Video format conversion and scaling IP cores
  4. Ethernet and IP communication IP cores
  5. I/O ports – Serial ports(SPIE, I2C, I2S, etc), HDMI, SDI, USB, PCIe etc
  6. FPGA system IP cores – DDR, ARM-FPGA communication, Linux on ARM etc

SOC also has a large library of PCB designs, which allows SOC to easily customize PCB designs for customers. This helps developers significantly lower the design cost and the design time.

Please contact SOC sales for further details: sales@soctechnologies.com