H.265 HD Video Decoder IP Core
(H.265 HD Video/Audio Decoder IP Core)

  The H.265/HEVC HD Video Decoder IP Core is a high-performance, fault-tolerant real-time decoder of HD video or video/audio data. It can handle resolutions up to 1920x1080 and framerates up to 120fps. The core detects incoming video parameters and adapts accordingly. It is ideal for applications that require hardware-grade reliability and fault-tolerant operation.


  1. IP Core as an FPGA-targeted Netlist
  2. Core instantiation reference design
  3. Integration Guide, API Register Guide


Standard:H.265/HEVC (ISO/IEC 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2)
Profile:High Profile
Resolution/FPS:Up to FHD(2048 × 1080p) at 60fps
Chroma:4:2:0 or 4:2:2
Precision:8 or 10 bit
Input:Elementary or Transport Stream
FPGA Resources:
Xilinx:Please contact sales for these values
Block RAM:14Mb

Product Evaluation Kits

 The H.265 HD Video Decoder IP Core can be evaluated on SOC's Evaluation Kits. Evaluation kits include a carrier-board with all the ports and extensions needed for most video-based applications. The module and carrier board firmware are reconfigurable, and we can license board files if needed.

Begin the evaluation process through any of these methods:

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