High-Performance Realtime CODEC
IP Cores, Modules & Chipsets

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Product Lines

Video/Audio CODEC Chipsets

Flexible FPGA-based chipsets pre-configured with SOC's high-performance IP Cores, designed to be easily integrated just like industry-standard ASICs.

Video/Audio CODEC SOM Modules

Modular all-in-one video CODEC modules built with SOC's high-performance CODEC IP cores, along with all necessary ICs needed for a plug-and-play hardware CODEC solution.

Evaluation Kits

Evaluation Kits are boards with all I/Os and components needed for video product development and evaluation of SOC's video compression CODEC IP Cores and CODEC modules. Reference designs, support files, documentation, and software are provided.

Development Kits

Development kits are designed for hardware video product development and product evaluation purposes. These boards feature many common ports and components needed for video applications.

OEM Products

SOC Provides fully-configured circuit boards that can be customized and re-branded using custom enclosures, and sold as end-user products. OEM products can be configured to be turn-key "turn-on-and-play" products that are ready to use out of the box.

Key SOC Features

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